Understanding Common Failures in Trucks

28 Apr by admin

Understanding Common Failures in Trucks

Most auto mechanics don’t think to look at their truck’s chassis as a part of the truck’s power train; however, a truck’s chassis serves as the foundation and shock absorbers, as well as the truck’s drive train and transmissions. Because of this, the truck chassis will experience a lot of wear and tear, even under normal and extreme conditions. When it comes to routine maintenance for your truck, you probably won’t find a truck differential in there, either. That said, it is still important for every truck driver to know about truck parts repair. Just as with any other machine, your truck will need maintenance from time to time.

Common Problems and Repairs

There are many different causes why your truck will need a truck engine repair or truck differential repair. Some of the more common causes of this wear and tear include things like road debris, jack stands, poor installation procedures, and bad tires. To prevent the need for a replacement or repair, let’s take a look at some common truck repair problems and their causes, as well as how to prevent these problems from happening in the future.

One of the most common reasons why a truck driver will need a truck engine repair or truck differential repair is because of the mechanical design of the truck. There are usually several differentials that are used on a typical vehicle. If one of these mechanical designs is wearing out, the entire system can be replaced or repaired, depending upon the severity of the problem. Common mechanical designs for a truck differential overload include slipping flywheel bearings, roller cage bolts, and journal bolts. Some of these problems have very simple causes, while others have more complicated causes.


Serviced regularly, truck engine or truck differential fluid ensures that all components are properly lubricated and that they operate at their optimal performance levels. When a mechanical component, such as a bearing, is overworked or serviced, it can cause excessive wear in that part of the truck. Because these parts are usually expensive and difficult to replace, they should always be serviced by a licensed mechanic before being replaced by a rental truck mechanic. Many rental companies will not replace or service the necessary parts if the mechanic does not have a special license.

truck differential

One other cause of a truck differential overload is due to improper or worn-out driving gears. When the gears are worn, the ratio of the rear wheels to the front wheels drops, which causes the back wheels to turn faster than the front wheels. Because the back wheels turn faster than the front wheels, both of the wheels need to work harder to keep up with the increased turning speed of the back wheels. The best way to solve this type of problem is to have the rear wheels serviced or even replaced with a new set of wheels.

Causes of Differential Failure

Of course, another common cause of a truck differential failure is worn or damaged drive pulleys. When this occurs, the pulleys are either too worn or damaged to provide smooth gear changes. When this happens, it becomes much more difficult for the truck to shift gears. Since this type of failure is usually associated with overworking or poor-quality gears, it is important to immediately replace the damaged drive pulleys. Because this type of failure typically occurs when the truck is driven hard, it is very important to keep the truck’s drive shaft in good working order during the entire life of the vehicle.

Another cause of truck failure is bad wheel rotation. When truck drivers constantly rotate the wheels on their truck during operation, the wheels wear down. They also tend to build heat that causes the wheels to rust, which causes additional heat damage. When a truck has a negative drive centre, the wheels will rotate faster than the rest of the truck because of the heat build-up.

As you can see, all of these parts play a part in a truck’s power train. Changing one part of the system will cause another to fail. This is why it is so important to maintain your truck regularly by lubricating all of your drive components with high-quality gear oil. This will not only prolong the life of your parts, but it will also decrease the chance of a catastrophic failure. Gear oil is especially important to keep in your truck if you are using a power steering device.

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